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The Helios Society

 At its core, the Helios Society is aimed at the pursuit and exploration of a theoretical framework explaining and unifying the worlds of Art, Science, and Mysticism,
and provides significant, practical benefits to its members.
Whether you're looking to receive insight, inspiration, and practical tools developed according to Astrological Forecasts and Tarot Readings on a monthly basis,
or are looking to expand upon and share/discuss your understanding
of the hidden mechanics behind the veil of reality with a growing community,
membership at the Helios Society will prove worthwhile.  

 Every month, members receive Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Audio Downloads via email designed not only to compliment or remedy the Astrological influences of that week,
but also to generate specific desirable effects
(detailed with each download) whenever listened to!

Along with each weekly audio, members receive comprehensive Tarot Readings providing practical insight and inspiration as opportunities and challenges arise.

Members receive a 50% discount on Readings and Products, all year round!

There are also Hidden Pages laden with special gifts.  

 Membership benefits add up over time. This is a real game-changer for anyone! 

  • Society Access Key

    Every month
    • 50% Discount on Readings and Products.
    • Unlimited Access to Otherwise Secret Pages
    • Monthly Astrological Transit Guides
    • Monthy Insights from the Tarot
    • Monthly Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Audio Downloads

Subscriptions and Payment Plans

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