The Helios Society

 At its core, the Helios Society is aimed at the pursuit and exploration of a theoretical framework explaining and unifying the worlds of Art, Science, and Mysticism,
and provides significant, practical benefits to its members.
Whether you're looking to receive insight, inspiration, and practical tools developed according to Astrological Forecasts and Tarot Readings on a weekly basis,
or are looking to expand upon and share/discuss your understanding
of the hidden mechanics behind the veil of reality with a growing community,
membership at the Helios Society will prove worthwhile.  

 Every week, members receive Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Audio Downloads via email designed not only to compliment or remedy the Astrological influences of that week,
but also to generate specific desirable effects
(detailed with each download) whenever listened to!

Along with each weekly audio, members receive comprehensive Tarot Readings in video format, providing practical insight and inspiration as opportunities and challenges arise.

Members receive a 50% discount on Readings and Courses, all year round!Hidden Pages laden with special gifts.  
Members also qualify to win advertising space
on the HELIOS Home Page each month!

 Membership benefits add up over time. This is a real game-changer for anyone! 

Free Your Genius:
Six Month Payment Plan

Free Your Genius, the one of a kind 10 week holistic wellness program modeled after the Tree of Life. It is a simple, practical and realistic means of using the model offered by the Tree of Life to hone in on the 10 essential desires we all share, to bring them about to the best of our ability, and account for the individual traits and circumstances that set us apart from the crowd.  

It works by fine-tuning the entirety of your being, one layer at a time, and involves a balanced marriage of self discovery, and self mastery.

For the duration of this program, each week brings a new wave of rich material, in an easy downloadable format, that you get to keep for life, and revisit as many times as you wish. The content within each week's package is based on the nature of its corresponding sephera on the Three of life, with all of its associations, from astrological influences and philosophical themes, to specific body parts and psychological processes, all aimed at helping you meet your desires, and become as capable, as clear, and as powerful as you can be. 


Yes, that sounds like a very tall order to fill, but with the help of good natural design, this is more than just possible, it's easy.

Each of the ten waves of material aimed at nurturing the ten layers of you being according to the Tree of Life, is organised according to the four basic elements, fire, earth, air and water, or spirit, body, mind and heart. The entire program is modeled after your personal Astrology placements, and calls upon a number of methods through which you are given the means to enhance every aspect of your being, simplified to these four elemental levels. 

Subscriptions and Payment Plans