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For anyone who orders (or has ever ordered)  
the Birth Chart Overview Package

(You don't have to prove it, I trust you) September 2021 Only


The Birth Chart Overview Package

Includes a 45 minute recorded analysis of your birth chart,
a written analysis of your birth chart, and a visual guide.


Live Astrology/Tarot Fusion Reading  

The most comprehensive Readings possible, and the complete picture of what Astrology and Tarot have to offer.  A potentially life changing experience, drawn from natal charts, transit charts, and a 15 card Tarot spread. 1.5 hours in length

Standard Rate: $195


The Astrology Transcendance Package

Your unique Birth Chart Symphony. Your unique Astrology Placements translated into healing music using a very specific mathematical process. These Brainwave Entrainment Compositions are specifically designed to accentuate the harmonious aspects of your Astrological wiring, and help you overcome the difficult aspects therein.

Standard Rate: $150 


The Ultimate Oracle's

A comprehensive set of audio and  visual materials enabling anyone to begin practicing both Tarot and Astrology with astonishing proficiency right away! Great for both beginners and experienced professionals looking to add greater depth and power to their craft. 

Standard Rate: $150


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