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Unity Through Acknowledging Differences: Race part 1

I respect the art of celebrating differences without shame, without fear of generalising, without fear of offending anyone/being offended, and assuming that we are all capable of being aware of how each of us is not bound to our genetic blueprint. I respect the courage it takes to recognise the full spectrum of racial/cultural themes, as they are undeniable.

~ I respect the kind of courage that can openly admire black people for their deep connection to the rythems of nature, for the passion that drives them, for their strong voices, their talent for expression, their powerful physicality, their strength/confidence of character/personality, and for the way they so clearly feel the benevolent spirit of the universe as it moves through them effortlessly. ~The kind of courage that can openly admire white people for their clever and creative minds, for their everchanging and ceaselessly inventive nature, their indominable capacity to adapt and lead, their inherent cosmic curiosity as it drives them to push the envelope forever outwards and up, for the richness and depth of their dreams, and for their brilliant ability to makes these dreams real. ~The kind of courage that can openly admire the people of east Asia, for their deeply seeded cultural and personal wisdom, for their sharp and sophisticated minds, their capacity for discipline, for the grace of their movement, the strength of their will, and their masterful comprehension of the balance of nature as it manifests within and around them as the art of being. ~The kind of courage that can admire the indigenous people of North and South America, for their purity, their untouchable spirits, their immeasurable strength of heart, for their ability to so easily see and embody the wisdom that flows through all things, for the deep wellspring of life within their core, for their inherent sense of respect for all forms, and for their unwavering faith in what is most high and true. ~There are many other races, and many other things to admire.

There is nothing wrong with honoring differences when we understand that we each have the capacity for any and all qualities, as we are all part of the same diverse human family. In truth, accepting, acknowledging, and honoring these differences is one of the remaining crucial steps we have yet to take as a species in our journey towards unification.

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