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The "Filtered Water" Deception

This is both shocking, and not surprising at all. ~I decided to contact the "Silk" company, to inquire about whether or not the "filtered" water, listed on the ingredients of their various nut milks contained the harmful synthetic additive, Sodium Fluoride. (not to be confused with the naturally occurring mineral, Calcium Fluoride.) ~As many of us know, sodium fluoride is added to most city water supplies in America, and has been shown to contribute to mental developmental issues in children. I have provided the results of the actual Harvard Study, as published in Environmental Health Perspectives. This is indisputable, case closed. ~ As it turns out, food producers are not required to filter water themselves in order to list the ingredient as "filtered water." They gain the ability simply because of the filtration that occurs in the production of tap water. In other words, "filtered water" as listed in the ingredients of many products, including bottled water, is not filtered. It is merely tap water. ~So I attempted to find out which county(s) housed the production facilities of this particular brand, in order to determine whether or not fluoride is added to the water supply from which this nut milk is made. Apparently, they cannot give out such information. They couldn't even tell me which cities the facilities were in. Only that there are numerous facilities across the nation, and that the supply is a blend of all of them. Each county adds what it wishes, and it all goes into the pot, with varying quantities of fluoride. ~A while back, I contacted the water company for the county we were residing within. I acquired the level of fluoride added, and it turned out to be over 7 times the "recommended" dosage. ~Other studies I have seen show traces of pharmaceutical compounds, radioactive waste, petroleum, sewage, and even toilet paper particles.

Results: Filtered water, wherever it is listed, is more than likely to be a blend of the tap water supply of various counties across the US. Most of which contain Sodium Fluoride, which (as you can see in the study I have supplied) is shown to contribute to lower IQs in children. (and probably adults) All products from the company "Silk," ARE made with fluoridated tap water, as blended from various counties across the US, some of which may add excessive quantities of Sodium Fluoride.

Now you know.

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