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(Interactive, Integrative Oracle Science Consultations)
with BR Neumann

What is a "reading?"
A reading, in its highest form,  is an integrative blend of Tarot, Astrology, and other modalities born from wisdom traditions with international origins, all harnessed and organised in such a way that allows me, the reader, to provide insight and guidance wherever necessary. In these consultation sessions, we work together to allow you to empower yourself in a very deep way.  Readings occur interactively to make lasting shifts come about. The synergy between the ancient art of Tarot and western Astrology is profound, and since there is usually a common denominator to be found between each of these arts and just about anything like them that has developed anywhere in the world, this profound connection is enhanced greatly to the benefit of both you and I. The specific nature of planetary transits are revealed with astonishing accuracy by the cards, along with numerous additional factors. Any desired level of specificity can usually be achieved through investigation into numerous associated oracle sciences. At the same time, the classically vague nature of the Tarot spread is given a powerfully specific edge when coupled with your personal Astrology chart, and current planetary transit chart. I use a Golden Dawn, 15 card Tarot spread, utilizing one of three decks. Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck, The historic Rider Wiate deck, or the more recent Tree of Life Deck (which makes it very easy to integrate the wisdom of The Holy Kabbalah into the reading), depending on the individual. With this spread, I look at your individual birth chart, and it's relationship to the position of the stars and planets at the time of the session, revealing a fork in the road, allowing you the opportunity to make an optimally informed choice.With my intimate relationship with Hermetic Philosophy, as it has been refined through numerous incarnations, I utilize a set of core principals as I decipher the multiple dimensions of  your past, present, and future story lines, offering insight where it is due, and initiating transformation through interactive shifting techniques. Throughout the session, I delicately work with you to establish a simple, tangible plan for meeting the events to come with strength, grace, and the wisdom of our highest mind. The Chinese I-Ching, Numerology, the Indian Chakra System, and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life are the most common secondary sources in this process. Each one of us is wired differently, and this integrative Oracle Science reveals exactly how this manifests in your individual circuitry. With this wiring in mind, I deliver the reading according to your specific way of learning, living, and loving, elaborating on your personal strengths and challenges.  Every reading  is recorded, and the audio is delivered shortly after.If you know where and when to look, promotional rates can often be discovered.  Exclusively Tarot or Astrology readings are also available. 

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