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The Complete Oracle's Toolset  

The Ultimate Resource for Masters and Beginners Alike

Years in the making, this extensive material is for your immediate use!
This package includes over a dozen beautiful, printable visual guides,
over 8 hours of audio and video lessons, and
a growing archive of Brainwave Entrainment compositions designed to improve learning, reduce anxiety, and positively affect the entire spectrum of your being! 

You'll gain the tools to unlock the secrets of:
Professional level Astrology
Professional level Tarot 
Complete Astrology/Tarot Integration
The Essential Kabbalah Connection
Interactive Reading Structure
Personality Psychology
Relational Astrology
Planetary Aspects
Astrological Cosmology
the Light and Shadow Aspects of the Zodiac
the Major Arcana
the Minor Arcana
Brainwave Entrainment
and More...

Great for professionals looking to add greater depth and power to their craft,
or for complete beginners looking to rapidly achieve a rare level of mastery. 

One easy download. Use at your own pace. Use in your own way.
Keep it for life! All future updates are included!

It's so easy! Once you purcase,
a link to all of your downloads in one organized folder
will arrive in your inbox.

The Complete Oracle's Toolset

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This is a comprehensive set of audio and visual materials enabling you to begin practicing the art of Tarot and/or Astrology proficiently immediately! If you are already well versed in the Oracle Arts, these Companions will add a great depth and power to your craft, elevating your skillset far beyond
that of the common Astrologer, or Tarot Reader.

All you need to do is download the material sent to you via one single folder, print out the visual guides if you choose, listen to the simple tutorial, digest the lecture material at your own pace, and start reading! 

Beyond the visual guides and tutorials enabling anyone to start reading on a professional level immediately, this Toolset comes with a massive amount of information in audio and visual format
to further deepen your comfort and understanding of the material.

With this amazing resource, you will discover that art forms centuries in the making do not always require expertise years in the making. With the right tools, quality resources, and a little bit of guidance, anyone can access and benefit from the unfathomable wealth of wisdom perfected over centuries by countless mystics, and scholars immediately.

This kind of resource is not available anywhere. It took me years to put together, and is completely unlike anything else.

This Toolset also includes a wealth of brainwave entrainment audios for your own personal use.  These go way beyond binaural beats, and are complete musical compositions made with enjoyment in mind.
All you have to do is listen in order to train your brain to produce the results described in each title, or activate/optimise the chakra, planetary influence, or theme described.

Once you buy, you keep for life, to use any time, anywhere, however you choose!

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