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The Happy Mind Self Mastery Program

Ten Weeks to Wellness, Brilliance, and Prosperity, Guided by the Tree of Life





10 Weeks 
4 Remedies Each
Keep For Life

This program is meant to bring about the precise state of mind, body, heart and soul required to optimize the totality of your being, and meet your most essential desires.

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

While there are many ways in which we are each unique, surveys have demonstrated that we all share the same essential desires.  When asked what we want most in life, we all seem to agree on the same ten things:
Passion, Freedom, Confidence, Peace, Money, Fulfillment, Stability, Joy, Balance, and lastly Happiness,
the final culmination of the previous nine.
These Ten Essential Desires just so happen to map perfectly onto the ten centers of power on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  This is no coincidence.  The Tree of Life is meant to embody the whole of life.
It offers us profound wisdom, and immeasurable opportunities.

I have created this program according to this model,
as a means of fulfilling the Ten Essential Desires we all share.

This is a one of a kind Ten Week Holistic Wellness Program modeled after the Tree of Life.
It is a simple, practical and realistic means of using the model offered by the Tree of Life to hone in on the 10 essential desires we all share, to bring them about to the best of our ability, and account for the individual traits and circumstances that set us apart from the crowd.  

It works by fine-tuning the entirety of your being, one layer at a time, and involves a balanced marriage of self discovery, and self mastery. For the duration of this program, each week brings waves of rich material, in an easy downloadable format, that you get to keep for life, and revisit as many times as you wish. The content within each week's package is based on the nature of its corresponding "Sephera" (center of power) on the Tree of life, with all of its associations, from astrological influences and philosophical themes, to specific body parts and psychological processes, all aimed at helping you meet your desires, and become as capable, as clear, and as powerful as you can be. 

Yes, that sounds like a very tall order to fill, but with the help of good natural design, this is more than just possible, it's easy. All you need to do is sign up, receive your package via email each week, and follow your heart.

Each of the ten waves of material, aimed at nurturing the ten layers of your being according to the Tree of Life, is organised according to the four basic elements, fire, earth, air and water (or spirit, body, mind and heart). The entire program is modeled after your personal Astrology placements, and calls upon a number of methods through which you are given the means to enhance every aspect of your being, simplified to these four elemental levels. 

In the Fire stage of each week,
you are given the means to align with your subconscious mind simply by listening to soothing audio files comprised of isochronic poly-rhythms, immersive natural soundscapes, and subliminal affirmations aimed at helping the entirety of your being work effortlessly and effectively towards reaching the goal of each essential desire.  All you have to do is play these sooundscapes in the background while you work, while you sleep, eat, bathe, whatever you like. You may only hear the sounds of waves washing upon a sand-swept beach, a babbling brook, or a gentle breeze passing through trees, but your subconscious mind will hear far more.
"I allow myself to relax into the simple pleasures I receive this day with the gratitude and presence of mind required to enjoy them completely, and find them where I had not thought to look," is just one example.

The Earth stage of each week,
consists of practical tutorials, resources, guides, and life hacks aimed at optimizing your body, brain and immediate environment. Everything from the best way to reduce your electromagnetic radiation exposure in the home, to the best way to combine foods, and optimize your Gut Flora. 

In the Air stage of each week,
sophisticated Brainwave Entrainment technology is used to enhance overall brain function, and address everything from anxiety and hyperactivity, to depression and cognitive deficiency.  Even in the absence of these common issues, you will show improvement just by listening to a handful of soothing and unique audio files each week.

The Water stage of each week,
consists of interactive materials based on the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a form of psychological acupressure derived from a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).  The effectiveness of EFT has been documented at length, and prestigious institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, among other other Universities, Clinics and Hospitals have studied and used it.  By following simple instructions detailed in audio format, tapping rhythmically on meridian points as psychological constructs and emotional blockages surrounding each essential desire are dismantled, you will be given a clean slate, a blank page upon which you can rewrite your story.

Together these four approaches to the ten layers of reality outlined by the tree of life will work together seamlessly in bringing about the precise state of mind body and soul to optimize the totality of your being,
meet your most essential desires, and free your genius. 


This program includes enough material to last a lifetime.

Participation is so easy!  
All you need to do is receive your material each week, and explore it in your own way. 
Once you sign up, you can go at your own pace! 
Everything you receive is yours to keep!

To enroll today, you can either make one payment of only $248,
or make six monthly payments of $44 (less than $1.50 per day!)

Sometimes the greatest things in life begin with a single click!


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