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"Tarot Secrets Revealed"
Course Details

This Course is not a mere Tarot class.  It is so much more.

Yes, you will learn just about everything about Tarot, from its origin to its function, but along with this broad spectrum of information, you will also gain a fully functional understanding of several ancient wisdom traditions associated with the Tarot, giving you a kind of craft mastery that the overwhelming majority of practitioners do not possess.  This is a highly comprehensive course organized in such a way that maximizes your ability to fully absorb information at your leisure.

Woven throughout are examples of how layers of knowledge are put into practice. 
Anonymous charts and spreads are used as reference material.

Each week involves seven "daily reflections" on each of the 22 Major Arcana cards, organizing and minimizing your memorization efforts allowing you to gain an advanced level of understanding.

As this course unfolds, you witness the unification of many fragments, like pieces of a puzzle fitting together to reveal a larger, more elaborate vision of this ancient art than most people are aware exists.


This is a holistic approach. In other words, we move from the macrocosm to the microcosm.  Astrology is the science and Art of interpreting the hologram of reality at the cosmic level in order to gain insight into the workings of the hologram of reality on the ground level. Through Astrology, we come to identify the macrocosm as a mirror, allowing us to more clearly see and understand ourselves. This portion of the course will adequately give you the means to practice Astrology on both professional and personal levels. You will come to know the story of consciousness as it evolves through every state of each element involved, and how each planet and each constellation comes into play. A great deal more than the details of each sun sign, as you can find in any book on the subject. Any master Tarot reader will be well versed in this area. After this necessary prerequisite is completed, we can then move inward through other associated disciplines towards the Tarot, and outward into new territory.

~Hermetic Philosophy

So named, so reduced for simplicity's sake, this precious portion of the course extends its value far beyond the context of the course itself. Such information has been classically reserved for the an elite order of initiates who have in some way graduated to a level of privilege similar to that which is afforded to royalty in terms of philosophical illumination.  My own personal experience with this, spanning multiple incarnations, has granted me the humble prerogative to pass this endless wellspring of wisdom on to whomever is driven towards it by their own internal guidance system. An extremely rare gift, this portion will broaden the mind of all who choose to walk this course.

~The Kabbalah and other associations

A blueprint for the human being, and for the human species, a functional understanding of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is necessary for anyone seeking to attain complete understanding of the Tarot. However, much more than a rudimentary understanding will inevitably be attained through your accumulating understanding of each involved association. With roots deep, and trunk strong, branches, twigs and leaves grow effortlessly. This is the way in which your understanding of this great Oracle Science will develop. A personal exploration of numerology, the I-Ching, and Feng Shui will become a natural inclination, and this course will give you everything you need to do exactly that and more. Once you are familiar with the 10 "sephiroths" on the tree of life, you will find that it is incredibly easy to remember ALL 40 numerical Minor Arcana Cards.

~Science and Applied Theory

With such a title, this portion of the course may deter some.  However, it is undoubtedly the easiest portion, as it merely involves the exploration of various theoretical means of providing potential verification of the scientific basis for both Astrology and Tarot. On the other side of such explorations, we can experientially discover the means to confirm such scientific foundations through the natural and inevitable act of application. The very process of performing a reading provides the means to interact with these various applied theories in order to gain a very thorough, and balanced perspective of what is actually going on. Both hemispheres of the brain must be engaged in a reading, and this scientific perspective makes it much easier.

~Psychological Profiling Court Cards 
There is an incredibly convenient bond between the 16 Court Cards in Tarot, and the 16 Meyers Briggs personality profiles, and I have developed a means of making the appropriate connections effortlessly. 

~The Tarot, Deep and Vast

Numerical Minor Arcana, Major Arcana, Court Cards.  There is a lot of ground to cover here, but the way in which this course has been designed allows this to occur with ease. It is likely that you will be surprised to discover that by this time in the course, you will have already developed an understanding of the nature of most if not all of the cards in the Tarot. All that remains is building a few bridges, and getting to know the characters themselves. Success here is not based on the expectation that you will memorize everything that is said over the span of weeks encompassing this course. You will gain an emotional, visceral understanding of the characters at play, as if effortlessly getting to know the personalities of new friends, and this is by design.

~Method and Application

 I guarantee, you will come away from this course with SO much more than a gratifying sense of achievement.  You will gain the capacity to immediately apply this incredible wealth of information.

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