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Your Fate Card
80 Hz Control, Direction, Creative Problem Solving, Headache Relief -
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Book an Astrology, Tarot, or Astrology/Tarot Fusion Reading with me! We can schedule a time to meet via phone or skype, or you can order a recorded reading for a reduced price, and skip the scheduling. All readings are recorded...
Learn Astrology, learn Tarot, learn how to integrate these ancient arts with many others, forming a single cohesive skillset.  learn at your own pace, and with surprising ease. Develop a level of understanding and craft mastery  that is exceptionally rare...
Services and Products
Subliminal/Binaural Audio tracks for personal empowerment,  cinema quality Video Downloads.  Website Development services, Audio/Video editing, engineering, and mastering.  Mystic Art prints, inspiring compositions...
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