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About BR Neumann

HELIOS and the Helios Society

For decades, BR has immersed himself in the pursuit of coherent theoretical framework that explains and unifies the worlds of Art, Science, and Mysticism.  He is a self taught musician, recording artist and multi-media audio visual engineer with far reaching ambitions. 
After studying Psychology, Philosophy, and Fine Art, BR shifted his focus towards deepening his understanding of the hidden mechanics behind the veil of reality, developing and refining his own craft through diligent practice. 
HELIOS: Hermetic Education, Lifeworks, Integrative Oracle, and subsequently the Helios Society, are natural biproducts of BR's mission. HELIOS itself as a way of funding, and sustaining his mission, and the Helios Society as a means of developing a community of beneficiaries.    


Hermetic Education, Lifeworks, and Integrative Oracle Science

Welcome traveler! You have found your way to the belly of this evolving outlet for various mystical arts and sciences, as offered by myself, BR Neumann.  Herein you will find portals to certification courses, a wide range of downloadable audios, brainwave entrainment audio packages, and the means to schedule personal Astrology and/or Tarot readings with me! You may also discover a great deal more than what I have listed above. Some of humankind’s most ancient wisdom traditions, and most cutting edge scientific developments, have contributed to that which you will find here.  It is with great pleasure and honor that I now invite you to partake of this opulent wellspring.  If you find that you are moved, inspired or healed as I have been by that which you are likely to discover here, I will have fulfilled my purpose in establishing this site.























Who is Helios?
In Greek mythology, Helios (Hē li os) is the personification of our nearest and dearest star, the sun.  It is said that he drove the light of day across the sky with his horse-drawn chariot.  Guardian of oaths, and god of the great gift of sight, Helios is identified with the god Apollo, the bringer of light, prophesy, oracles, music, and poetry.
I, BR Neumann, am not Helios.  However, I am the founder of HELIOS: Hermetic Education, Lifeworks, Integrative Oracle Science, and the Helios Society.
I have always been drawn to the mysterious and mystical, every bit as much as I have been fascinated by the Sciences, finding great joy in works of art, music, film, and literature that portray the dimensions of mind and imagination. Astronomy/Cosmology, and the massive philosophical playground established by the many implications of Quantum Science and Theoretical Physics have captivated me for decades. In my adult years I have found the greatest levels of inspiration and fascination in the contemplation and exploration of the marriage of unrestrained imagination and tangible science. I have extended this passion into the development of my own artistic pursuits.  Attaining high proficiency levels in areas of visual art and music. I learned to play multiple instruments in tandem with the art of sound design, exploring the many effects specific frequencies can have on human psychology and physiology alike. My extensive experimentation with animation led to an intimate understanding of cinematography. Painting, drawing, and sculpting among other skills developed at the heart of each new medium, and the journey of discovery continues to this day. It was through these arts that my own pursuit of an elegant, unifying plane of commonality between vastly different fields has come into full force.  I have never subscribed to the belief systems of any major monotheistic or polytheistic religion, but have excavated wisdom and inspiration from each of them. My own version of spirituality emerged in a largely secular fashion, and has since matured in a way that has allowed it to be largely complimentary to any field of spirituality. The integration of Hermetic philosophy into my own plane of understanding, along with the study and practice of numerous methods of divination, has provided the most influential and crucial piece of the puzzle thus far.  I feel that it is my responsibility to play a part in the delivery of this essential ingredient in a way that is sustainable, and collectively beneficial.
I have been studying the occult sciences in many forms since the turn of this century. Now the time has come for me to end the incubation period, and share what I have come to understand. 


What is Helios?

Divided into three main components, Helios is the platform upon which I, BR Neumann, offer:

~Oracle Science Mastery Courses through which anyone can reach a professional proficiency level in the art and science of Tarot, Astrology, etc. Other types of courses to come!

~ A means to schedule personal appointments with me, through which I offer insight and guidance according to a combination of Astrology, Tarot, and a synergistic blend of other ancient oracle sciences.

~A wide selection of easy to download audio files including but not limited to:
       - Brainwave entrainment frequencies. (binaural beats, isochronic tones)
       - Subliminal soundscapes. (powerful affirmations, soothing atmospheres)
       - Psychedelic musical compositions. (designed to inspire, uplift and enhance brain function)
       - Guided hypnosis sessions and healing meditations
       - Mystic visionary Art of all kinds. Including film, eventually.
 ~Most noteworthy, is the option to purchase  full length, studio quality albums consisting of potent musical compositions assembled upon purchase according to combinations of tones, tempos,  geometric polyrhythms, and layers of personality assigned to every aspect of the buyer’s astrological information, or crafted with care to address specific issues upon request, including but not limited to specific Astrological Transits.

All of this, is only the beginning.



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