“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.”  -Tolkien


The Birth Chart Overview Package

Includes a 45 minute recorded analysis of your birth chart,
a written analysis of your birth chart, and a visual guide.


New Reading Option!

The Complete Astrology/Tarot Fusion Reading 
For those who want the whole story. Through this comprehensive reading, I work with you to unearth the most useful truths, dismantle illusions, and develop the means to move forward with clarity and confidence. A potentially life changing experience, drawn from natal charts, transit charts, and a 15 card Tarot spread.  Book for yourself, for a family member, or gift this to someone you love.
Gift Certificates can be provided for gifting purposes.   Readings are scheduled as payments are cleared, and refunds are not available after 24 hours.  Feel free to contact me about desired timing, to inquire about other details, or provide relevant personal information.

Brainwave Empowerment Packages
Each Like a Sound Bath Drawn to Match your Unique Needs

The Astrology Transcendence Package includes 60+ minutes of the most sophisticated brainwave entrainment audio material available, and a detailed written analysis of your birth chart. Using a combination of Isochronic tones, binaural beats, subliminal affirmations, and polyrhythms, this package can help you make the most of your unique, exquisite personal wiring. Not only will you hear your personal placements translated into sound, you will be given an easy means of maximizing your natural gifts, and overcoming your greatest challenges.  Layer by layer, these soothing soundscapes...

The Astrology Transcendence Package
The Custom Transcendence Package

The Custom Transcendence Package includes 30+ minutes of the most sophisticated brainwave entrainment audio material available.  For those who wish to address specific challenges or opportunities.  Brainwave entrainment is widely used to address a variety of conditions, or enhance abilities. Would you like do address specific Astrological Transits or Natal Placements? Do you have issues with any specific body parts? Would you like to instill a deeper sense of independence within your relationships, enhance your cognitive abilities, address depression, grief, anxiety, etc? Anything and everything can be aided via sound...

Expand the Entirety of Your Being
Fine tune your natural circuitry with a ten week personal enhancement program, or become a practicing Astrologer, and/or Tarot Reader immediately! Possess a level of understanding and craft mastery  that is exceptionally rare, right away...
Brainwave Empowerment
Beyond Entrainment Frequencies, Subliminal Audios, Hypnosis or Guided Meditations, these powerful Soundscapes are custom made to enrich Astrological Placements or Transits,  to bring about specific requested effects, and empower you at every juncture...
Integrative Oracle
Astrology and Tarot Consultation
Book an Astrology, Tarot, or Astrology/Tarot Fusion Reading with me! We can schedule a time to meet via phone or skype, or you can order a recorded reading for a reduced price, and skip the scheduling. All readings are recorded...

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Compact Readings

Birth Chart

Live Reading

A comprehensive overview of all of your unique Astrological placements


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For Full Scale Readings

Birth Chart

Audio Recording

A comprehensive overview of all of your unique Astrological placements


One Year Astrology Forecast

Live Reading

A step by step guide to a year of unique opportunities and challenges 


One Year Astrology Forecast

Audio Recording

A step by step guide to a year of unique opportunities and challenges 


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80 Hz/33.333 Bpm 10 Hz Overlay - Genius Level Cognition
Increases IQ, Induces a State of Relaxed Focus, and Expanded Awareness


Free Zodiac Expansion Audio Tracks

Brainwave Entrainment Compositions Designed to Elevate Each Zodiac Sign














Made with Polyrhythmic Isochronic Tones, Monaural Beats, Subliminal Affirmations, and Pure Sine Waves. 
Measured With the Greatest Care and Precision.
Listen With Headphones for the Complete Effect.
You Have Not Heard Anything Like This Before.
Maximize Strengths, Minimize Challenges.
Brace Yourself, You Will Feel This.


H.E. Hermetic Education

       Astrology, Tarot, Hermetic Philosophy, the Kabbalah, the I-Ching and more.
What ties all of these ancient arts together?  This page is dedicated to the exploration of that very question, and the personal empowerment that ensues.
Whether you seek to learn something new, delve deeper into familiar territory, or attain professional certification to boost your career, these courses are a perfect match for anyone with access to the internet, and a few weekly hours to spare for the duration of each chosen course!
       Sign up for a course now, and prepare to dig deep and fly far, inspired by what you are able to absorb from each mind bending, paradigm shifting class, taught with care and honor directly by me.

Tarot Secrets Revealed
This six-week course will give you the opportunity to possess an extremely rare mastery of this exquisite art/science.  So rare in fact, you will likely never...
Astrology Essentials and Secrets
The intent of this course is to develop a bi-lateral grasp on both the art and the science of Astrology. The light and shadow of each astrological influence is...
Ultimate Oracle Science
By taking this Course, you will develop the means to swiftly become an Oracle of the very highest order. You will see astonishingly precise maps unfold before you, letting you...
Mystic visionary Art Gallery with prints available. Cinema quality video downloads for filmmakers, or anyone wanting epic backgrounds for green screen use, filmed with Blackmagic Design...
L. Lifeworks                                                                       

       Sight, Sound, and Service.  Through each of these simple facets of life, so much can be offered.  Therefore, this page is by far the most extensive, consisting of everything from web design and audio visual editing services, to audio/video downloads, film/cgi elements, and even a growing mystic art gallery. 
       The best way to fully grasp the spread of what is available here,  is to explore for yourself.  If certain elements are missing at the time of your exploration,  I encourage you to check again before long, as this page will take some time to fully develop.
       It is here that personal empowerment packages are custom built according to your personal birth chart, consisting of a harmonious blend of very specific frequencies matching each of your personal placements. Packages can also be custom built according to specific requests regarding opportunities or challenges. 

Subliminal, binaural, isochronic frequency downloads. Personal Empowerment  packages crafted with care according to your unique nature and circumstances, Inspirational compositions, guided...
Would you like to get your beautiful, engaging website up and running, and THEN receive a clear and simple tutorial, enabling you to creatively modify and maintain it with ease? I offer professional audio/video engineering services.  With over 10 years of experience...
Astrology Readings
I.O.S. Integrative Oracle Science

        Do you seek clarity, knowledge of self or another? Do you need to make a big decision,  or strengthen your relationship? Do you want to discover a way of thriving that is completely unique to you? Through this portal, you will find the means to book a reading with me, and discover a means of achieving all of this and more.
        Whether you seek to know the details of your Astrological birth chart, receive an epic Tarot reading drawn from the most sophisticated tools available, gain insight into current or future challenges and opportunities presented by Astrological transits, unearth the hidden power inherent in your unique personal wiring, discover the means to overcome trauma, simply come to know yourself a little better, experience ANY blend of the above, or something completely unique to you, this is the place to be, and I am the one to talk to. 
        This field of study has been a constant for me, becoming more and more refined since the turn of the century.  It is a pleasure to offer these services, every single time.


You can schedule live readings, or order recorded readings, complete with a years worth of written Astrological guidance, and all relevant materials.  Live readings are recorded and sent...
Astrology Readings
Tarot Readings
You can schedule live or recorded readings in which I provide insight and assistance drawn from 15 immensely powerful cards of the most sophisticated Tarot...
Integrative Oracle Reading
In these potentially life changing readings, I provide insight and assistance drawn from a combination of Astrology, the Tarot, the I-Ching, the Kabbalah, and quite possibly...

About BR Neumann

HELIOS and the Helios Society

For decades, BR has immersed himself in the pursuit of coherent theoretical framework that explains and unifies the worlds of Art, Science, and Mysticism.  He is a self taught musician, recording artist and multi-media audio visual engineer with far reaching ambitions. 
After studying Psychology, Philosophy, and Fine Art, BR shifted his focus towards deepening his understanding of the hidden mechanics behind the veil of reality, developing and refining his own craft through diligent practice. 
HELIOS: Holistic Evolution, Lifeworks, Integrative Oracle, and subsequently the Helios Society, are natural byproducts of BR's mission. HELIOS itself as a way of funding, and sustaining his mission, and the Helios Society as a means of developing a community of beneficiaries.